Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sacred Sabbath: Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole

The story of the woman with an issue of blood is a beautiful one of faith and hope. There are so many in this world today with health problems that they have lived with for many years. Their hope may almost be exhausted that they will be cured, or they may have reconciled themselves to living in pain or depression or sickness for the rest of their lives. Regardless of the individual circumstance, we can all look to this nameless but special daughter of God for an example of how to believe, how to come to Christ.

Christ, in the midst of all the jostling and bumping of the crowd, knew some of His power had been transferred to this woman. It only happened because of her deep faith in the healing power of Jesus. It also happened because Christ was so attuned to those who needed His help

As sisters in the gospel we are sometimes called to serve in the capacity of Christ. What person in your life is reaching out for the healing power of Jesus? Can you be her mortal comforter, the daughter of God who acts in His name?

May we all have the faith and hope of this dear woman. And may we always try to be aware of those in our midst who need our comfort and friendship.

I know that “the Son of Righteousness arise[s] with healing in his wings” 13 not only for that certain woman with an issue of blood, but also for each one of us. He would guide and bless and gather us—if we will choose to come unto Him. May we do so every day of our lives. ---- Anne C. Pingree

A special thank you to Ashley at My Craftily Ever After for the beautiful free watercolor background.


  1. Hello,
    I am your neighbour from Embracing His Will. I host Sunday Stillness at www, Would love you to link there too, lovely thoughts on getting closer to Jesus.

  2. I loved that this story was included in this month's VT message on patience. I never really thought about it, but 18 years is a long time! Was she ever patient.

    1. I'm so bad, I didn't even realize it was! (I haven't gone this month.) Yes, she was a jewel to be put in a position to teach so many future generations!

  3. This account of this woman's perseverance is right up there for me with Hannah's heart cry to the Lord, or Simeon's patient waiting in the temple. Thank you for reminding us not only of the importance of patient hope, but of comforting others in affliction. So glad you shared at #MotivateRMday